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Live Equestrian 

We live in an age where information is constantly available. We have constant access to all kinds of info at our fingertips. This has led to a fantastic ability to share knowledge and ideas in horsemanship. On the flip side, it can often be information overload.  Also, poor ideas and practices can easily become mainstream.  Our hope is to provide simple, interactive, community-centered learning platforms where ideas are shared but also guided by established principals that are generally agreed upon in the horse community. A true horseman adopts a lifestyle of continued learning and growing. Join us as we LIVE EQUESTRIAN




What is an EQuest 

We use the term E-quest to describe our individual quality programs because each one is a journey of personal growth and discovery. Rather than focus on a specialty most of our emphasis is on developing the all-around versatile horse that can do just about anything. That said each E-quest is geared to work on specific goals. We look forward to bringing you a great variety of E-quests with insight from top professionals in the horse industry. 


Each E-quest is available for individual purchase, or you can get full access to all of them by subscribing to LE on demand.  


To provide quality programs that are simple digestible and easily implemented. To provide motivation and encouragement for personal growth To promote daily interaction with horses.



That every participant would interact daily with their horses, set and reach personal goals and come away with that "critical nugget" of helpful info that changes their life trajectory.



  • Personal growth

  • Reaching ever further into the world of horsemanship

  • Community

  • Goal sharing, relational interpersonal development.



Bedrock 30 is chalked full of what we call the critical basics. These simple concepts and ideas are absolutely fundamental to any horsemen. As with all our EQuests, the goal is for participants to spend at least 15 minutes each day with their horse. 


Included in this 3o day EQuest is:

  • 15 video sessions for the horse (available for individual rental)

  • 15 video sessions for the human (available for individual rental)

  • "Plan with Principals" Journal

  • Access to the Bedrock Facebook Group

  • Access to our EQuest Coaches

  • Live Equestrian Logo Hat






Program Coaches

Teddy Franke

Teddy Franke is a horse trainer, riding instructor, and farrier from North Central Oregon where he, his wife and three kids manage a camp horse program.  Teddy is a CHA certified Master Instructor/ACI and holds certifications in IRD, Pack/Trail, EFM and is a CHA Site Visitor. Teddy has helped to lead horse programs in three states, been a regional director in both regions 1 and 11, served on the board for the American Youth Horse Council, and operates a successful equine business. The CHA mission to “change lives through safe horse experiences” has been a part of Teddy’s life, and he hopes to continue those experiences for others.

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Scott DePaolo

Scott DePaolo has been certified instructor since 1993. Scott is a pack and trail assistant clinic instructor, level 2 Western, level 2 English, EFM assistant clinic instructor, and a CHA site visitor.  Scott has worked in the horse industry since 1982 and has been the Ranch Manager at Butte Creek Scout Ranch for over 25 years. The past five years Scott has worked on a equine assisted psychotherapy team using horses to help heal troubled youth and recovering adults. Certified as an equine specialist with the EGALA.  Scott believes in the positive effects of experiential learning, that horses can be used to build character and teach positive personality


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